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high efficiency 2 in 1 Desktop ultrasound cavitation slimming machine for fat reduction

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high efficiency 2 in 1 Desktop ultrasound cavitation slimming machine for fat reduction

Good Quality high efficiency 2 in 1 Desktop ultrasound cavitation slimming machine for fat reduction Sales

Large Image :  high efficiency 2 in 1 Desktop ultrasound cavitation slimming machine for fat reduction

Guangzhou GLM Beauty Spa Equipment Factory

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: GLM
Certification: CE
Model Number: B-011

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: Wood
Delivery Time: 7 days
Payment Terms: TT /Western Union/PAYPAL
Supply Ability: 100set/Month
Detailed Product Description

High Efficiency 2 In 1 Desktop Ultrasound Slimming Machine For Fat Reduction




Love of the Crystal

Love of the crystal is an advanced instrument of cosmetology and bodyfitting in the 21st century, because it fuses the medical cosmetology electricity face-lifting, the RF instrument of making the skin supple and eyes beautiful with RF instrument of exploding the fat to lose weight. Its fitting includes, the RF pen of making the skin supple , the head of medical electricity face-lifting, the ice wave head, exploding the fat head, the radio frequency head of losing weight, whose function is the following: removing the dark pouches, the pouch and the wrinkle of eyes; eliminating the wrinkle of face, promoting, whitening and making the skin tender, wiping off the scar; losing weight with high efficiency, removing the striae gravidarum and tightly tightening the flesh. Because of its merits such as its effect is quick and lasting , non-recoil and operation is simple, it is popular with beautician and people who love beauty.


Losing weight

1.The head of exploding fat

When operating the instrument of losing weight, we should first use the head of exploding fat. The head should be operated for 20-25 minutes by drawing circles contraposing the spot of losing weight (aiming to use it to explode the fat with fast speed). In addition, when it is operated, the stepping -on  switch must be used at the same time.

2.The head of RF fusing fat

The head of RF fusing fat should be operated for about 20 minutes, contraposing the spot of losing weight, by drawing circles  (aiming to use it to fuse and remove the  fat with fast speed)


Electricity face-lifting

The RF head of face
The RF head of face should be operated for 15-20 minutes, smearing gelatin or essence element of removing wrinkle (generally speaking, 20-30G per time) on it, by drawing circles on face.
Drawing circles on face with ice head for about 10 minutes, aiming at contracting the pore, calming the flesh and comforting the nerve. The ice head can be used with cold spraying.

Eyes electricity

RF pen of making the skin supple and eyes beautiful can be operated from internal corner to exterior corner of eyes, contraposing the wrinkle of eyes, pouch and dark pouches, by drawing circles. Generally speaking, the time of operation is 15 minutes.


The merits and fuctions of electricity face-lifting


⑥no wound
⑦Not needing recovery period
⑧Treatment time is short
⑨The effect is quick (at that time the effect might achieve 20% and the effect can achieve 90% in 2-6 months)
⑩Maintaining time is long ( note: generally speaking, the collogen is 3-5 years form producing to deterioration )


①Replacing and surmounting the surgery of tightening the skin
②Tightening  the flaccid skin
③Dispelling vera and pseudo wrinkle
④Repairing striae gravidarum
⑤curing whelk
⑥anti-aging of the whole body ( tightening and moulding the shape of the neck and the back ; adjusting and raising the chest shape, modeling the shape of waist, abdomen, buttocks and leg. )



1, skin firming, winkle removing

2, promotes blood circulation

3, skin lifting

4, relaxing,  relasing the pain muscle



The head of exploding fat

The head of RF fusing fat

The RF head of face

 The cooling head of face 

The eye wrinkle removal pen


Technical parameters












Cooling temperature


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